Litex Furniture Installations

The Litex series involved working with the client to create and light photo-real images in order to install in their photographed furniture in order to showcase it in a realistic environment.

The first four images (including the header image) are full 3D rendered scenes, using 3DS Max and VRay (with the furniture then incorporated into the render), while the following three images involved texturing and lighting a 3D surface, incorporating that surface into a 2D photograph, then incorporating the photographed furniture on top.

These images are all property of Harper House

3K4A3441_Scene26_01_cmLIT-1081_Scene_09_v06_cm3K4A3127_r1td_Scene04_06_cm3K4A3064_r2pc _Scene01_Stone_v02_03_cm3K4A3343_r1sb_Scene17_Tile_043K4A3491_r1td_Scene_25_02_r2td