Fort Worth ISD

I worked with Corgan MediaLab’s awesome modeling and look development teams to create a video showcasing a new building for Fort Worth ISD, using 3D rendered assets and incorporating them into live footage. Duties: 3D lighting (3DS Max), compositing (NUKE) These videos are property of Corgan MediaLab. A couple of the shots I worked on […]

Cauldron Bubbles

This is a student animated short film that I worked on over the course of a couple years under the direction of Edward Taylor. Unfortunately, this is just the visual cut of the film, but I felt that it is still worth showing. Duties: Lighting (Maya), additional layout/camera setup, compositing (Nuke), film continuity, minor effects […]

Bird in a Cage

This was a student film I worked on under the direction of Greg Slagel during my junior year at UT Dallas. it was a difficult endeavor, with ultimately up to 30 students working on the film over the course of its production. However, we succeeded in completing the project, as well as growing our skills […]