Personal Work

Compositing – Rail Pilgrims Marketing GIF

Given recorded gameplay footage for a game concept, “Rail Pilgrims”, I composited in background, middle-ground, and the CG foreground elements together, as well as provided effects, color-grading, and implemented in gameplay UI. (initial gameplay video including all models, textures, and gameplay animations provided by Steve Zapata and Eric Grossman, UI provided by Eric Grossman, 2D art pieces provided by Eric Grossman)

Initial Gameplay Video:



2D art pieces (provided by Eric Grossman)



After gathering the pieces, I created 3 separate layers of trees passing by in the middleground using 3D cards in Nuke, in order to provide the illusion of distance and parallax. I also decided on the most dramatic background piece to use that would complement the large expanse of open space in the far background.

Tree cards in Nuke, with various speeds of x translation given the distance from the camera:



Tree layer alphas from the camera view:


Selected background piece from the art concepts provided (composited on a 3D card with an even smaller amount of transition movement)::



After compositing the background image, the trees, a fake ground with moving fog, the foreground gameplay animation, effects, smoke, color-correcting, and timed UI. here’s the result:




Compositing – Depth Creation from Drone Plate

Initial Image

Depth Generation

Focal Plane Setup

Resulting Tilt Shift