NSAC 2022

As Lead Creative and Researcher on a team of 12 students, my responsibilities included content creation and production, but also project management. I delegated people, resources and time to meet deadlines. I also conducted primary research with surveys and focus groups, as well as secondary research using databases such as MRI Simmons, Nielsen and AdMall.

The Challenge

We were instructed to make Quest 2 a part of college essentials for 18-24 y.o. students & young adults by showing how Quest 2 keeps you socially connected & infinitely entertained. We were given a theoretical budget of $10M total for our campaign. We were given our fall semester to conduct research and our spring semester to create a campaign. We were to present our campaign to a panel of industry professionals, competing with thirteen other teams in our district.

The Research

We began our research seeking the strongest trending associations with our target on databases such as MRI-Simmons, Nielsen and AdMall. We also took to social listening to understand where Meta and the Quest 2 currently sat in our target's minds. We then took our findings and dug deeper by conducting digital surveys and focus groups with KU students who fit our target audience.

The Result

We finished 1st in the initial scoring round, which was an early submission of our plansbook, research, and data insights. We placed 5th overall in our district. While it is easy to get discouraged by not always being first, placing in the top five in our district was a huge accomplishment for our team. The amount I learned throughout this process to make me a better digital marketer is also invaluable to me. It was a privilege to compete at such a high level and see how others concepted their ideas.

Strategy Plansbook

The Plansbook contains the whole scope of our strategy as well as key insights from our research.

Media Plan

The Media Plan describes how we will spend our theoretical budget of $10M


The Manifesto describes the ethos behind our campaign.

Creative - Ads

These are the short video ads we created to promote our campaign.

Creative Executions

Our executions were centered around three main ideas. First is to maintain the namesake of our strategy and reject regularity. Second is embracing wild environments or objects you may find in the Metaverse, and making them come to life in the real world. Third is to encourage audience participation whenever and where ever possible.

The Quest Thru

Building off of our earned curiosity, the Quest Thru campaign invites people to experience and collaborate in the world of Quest. A snapchat web ad will direct our audience to our microsite, prompting them to complete a simple form asking them to name anything, and we’ll put it in the Quest Thru in your area.

Built in everyday parking lots, the Quest Thru will visualize user’s ideas in drive-through tunnels with moving digital light displays. This execution will partner with Taco Bell, elevating the Taco Bell run and Live Mas brand that is so familiar to this audience. To incentivize participation, Taco Bell coupons will be handed out on location.

The Qube

The Qube, an immersive sensory box, will surprise our audience on their own turf, on campus. Before the Qube arrives, tweets will prompt the audience to describe a setting of their own design. Once there, the Qube will reimagine these suggestions in VR, adding elements like a gust of wind, or a splash of water from the crashing waves to elevate the user experience and put them in the middle of their own adventure.

The Quest Drop

We will kickstart the campaign with the unexpected invitation of Quest Drop, an AR filter available on Snapchat. Once a headset is clicked on the filter, users will be taken to our microsite where they have the opportunity for a Quest 2 to be delivered to them.

Full Circle

Right when Quest is gaining attention for its approaches to sight, sound, and touch, we will surprise our audience with senses most unexpected from this brand. Another call for Infinite Collective collaboration will select only a few to assist in the production of a Quest Oreo, perfume, and candle. It’s up to the Infinite Collective to determine the first smells and tastes of the Metaverse.

The Quest of Both Worlds

And after all prior executions have shown the Infinite Collective that Quest elevates experiences in both physical and virtual reality, the Quest of Both Worlds premiere will meet the campaign at peak momentum. The Quest of Both Worlds is a reality TV series where contestants live in a real jungle and compete in challenges against contestants back home using a Quest 2.

Audience votes and discussion using the #QuestOfBothWorlds will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for viewers to see. Exclusive content will be released to those with a Quest 2 headset to incentivize the audience.